Cooper & Hunter dehumidifiers are used to eliminate the effects of flooding as well as to dry out new buildings. This type of equipment removes moisture from the surface of musical instruments, photo lenses and video cameras, floor coverings. Household moisture absorbers are intended for everyday household use. They reduce air humidity, preventing moisture in the house and the formation of fungus on the wall.

Application of dehumidifiers: Maintaining optimal humidity ensures the strength of load-bearing structures in such facilities as swimming pools, ice rinks, and hydrotechnical structures. The use of dehumidifiers prevents fogging of glass structures (windows, doors, glass ceilings) in administrative and residential buildings. Dehumidifiers improve the quality of finishing works during the renovation of apartments due to the drying of floor coverings, walls and ceiling without temperature deformation.

Dehumidifiers extend the storage time of hygroscopic materials: medicines, detergents, building materials and other loose products. Dehumidifiers help keep humidity levels low in food and wood, rubber and plastic production, fur processing. By removing excess moisture from the room, Cooper & Hunter dehumidifiers ensure long-term storage of paper and dye products (books, photos, etc.). Cooper & Hunter dehumidifiers maintain the nice appearance of clothes and paper packaging.

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