Cooper&Hunter Daytona are models that run on an inverter compressor and are equipped with Wi-Fi module. With it, you control the system remotely using your phone or tablet. You can configure the device from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.

The model has a stylish and laconic design . The body of the indoor unit is made in several colors: gold, white with gold edging, white with silver edging, which allows the Cooper Hunter Daytona air conditioner to easily fit into any type of interior.

The Cooper&Hunter Daytona series is a household heat pump that is able to function even at extremely low temperatures outside the window. The maximum operating temperature range is from -23°C to +43°C.

The main advantages of the Cooper&Hunter Daytona air conditioner:

  • The conditioner works at eco-friendly ozone-safe freon R32 . The refrigerant has positive thermodynamic characteristics, they are the key to high energy efficiency;
  • Technology “I Action”. It ensures smooth and stable operation of the compressor at ultra-low frequencies;
  • Function 8°C. It protects your home from icing up by keeping the temperature at least 8°C without consuming a lot of electricity.
  • Generation V equipment speaks of increased quality control of assembly and materials;
  • 7 fan speeds.

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