Podne konzole

Floor Console

Podne konzole

Cooper&Hunter floor console are home air conditioners with a unique design. The outdoor unit has the same shape as the floor-ceiling models. And thanks to its rather compact form, the air conditioner does not take up much space and fits perfectly into your interior. Cooper&Hunter Consol Inverter air conditioner is equipped with two filters to choose from: Anti-odor activated carbon filter, catechin filter, Antibacterial suppressor filter; Electret dust filter; filter “Nano-titanium anti-chemical catalyst”.

Cooper&Hunter air conditioners have a fairly wide operating temperature range, the system is able to function for heat at outdoor temperatures up to -15°C , and for cold up to +48°C .

The main advantages of Cooper&Hunter Consol Inverter air conditioners:

  • I Feel function, which allows you to maintain the exact temperature in the place where the remote control is located;
  • Vertical air supply from the bottom of the indoor unit along the floor;
  • Works on environmentally friendly and ozone-friendly freon R410;
  • Equipped with DC rotary compressor new generation
  • High energy efficiency class A;
  • Smooth and stable operation at ultra-low frequencies due to the Stable Frequency Control technology;
  • Virtually silent operation of the indoor and outdoor units is provided by the Noise Analysis technology;
  • In standby mode consumes up to 1 W of electricity;
  • Anti-corrosion coating of the GREEN-FIN heat exchanger;
  • Wide angle blinds , which create coverage of the entire volume of the room;
  • Function of self-cleaning of the internal block;
    Self-diagnosis mode.

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