Veritas is the most popular inverter air conditioner that we install most often today. A reliable and durable compressor that is ideal for our climatic conditions, taking into account energy savings.

Why choose Veritas:

  • this is a series that has stood the test of time;
  • updated design;
  • the possibility of operation all year round (cold / heat);
  • high build quality;
  • 5 year official warranty.

The Cooper&Hunter Veritas inverter air conditioner of this series can be used for heating at outdoor temperatures up to -15°С. A modern ionization system, the latest technology for complete air purification, and Wi-Fi make this split system an indispensable device for creating a comfortable microclimate in your home or office.

Also, the Cooper&Hunter Veritas air conditioner is equipped with an indoor unit cleaning function. Thanks to this, the indoor unit will be protected from the appearance of excess moisture and the formation of fungus and mold. And wide-angle blinds create complete coverage of the entire room. Thanks to this, the air is evenly distributed throughout the room. And so you can create the perfect microclimate in the shortest possible time.

And smooth and stable operation of the compressor at ultra-low frequencies (1 Hz) will be provided by I-Action technology. In addition, the Veritas air conditioner from Cooper&Hunter has a premium energy-saving package “GENERATION V” (improved build quality and materials).

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