HITACHI Lorai air pur inverter

HITACHI Lorai air pur inverter

Lorai air pur inverter

Hitachi Cooling & Heating’s split home solutions use the latest climate control technology to improve the quality of the air you breathe. Our advanced AC systems make it easier to maintain a healthier indoor atmosphere, and intuitive climate control settings keep your home as comfortable as it is energy efficient. To increase efficiency, innovative functions like Powerful Mode and Sleep Mode respond to your activity, and a selection of preloaded modes make it easy to customise the air around you and suit the needs of all. Even when on the move, stay in control of your home’s air conditioning unit via our specialised series of apps that make remote management simple.

Also, discover features such as Frostwash that can reduce bacteria and mould in the air by up to 91% and 87% respectively, which provide you with a cleaner atmosphere. All Hitachi Cooling & Heating air conditioning units and systems are built to the highest standards to minimise any inconveniences, so nothing stops you from enjoying the ideal indoor climate throughout the year.

The modern Hitachi Lorai Air Pur unit with an elegant design comes in two colors: white and gray. Unlike any other air conditioner that has a plastic interior, the Lorai air conditioner contains parts made of stainless steel in its interior. Energy savings were achieved with a motion sensor that regulates the operation of the unit. Hi-Kumo internet remote control is an option.

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