Ceiling type indoor unit

Ceiling type indoor unit

Ceiling type indoor unit – RPC series

The powerful and easy-to-use indoor unit of the VRF Hitachi ceiling type indoor unit system is made in the ceiling version. The product is of high quality materials and comfortable to use. The units have a wide airflow angle, which is very suitable for serving large rooms. The air conditioner boasts the lowest possible noise level during operation and the highest energy efficiency class. The built-in fan has four speed modes.

The function of the motion sensor is to automatically change the operation of the system depending on the presence of people in the room and the intensity of their actions. Depending on the sensor readings, the air conditioner can change the temperature setting, fan speed and air distribution direction. If there are no people in the room, after a certain time, the air conditioner may turn off completely (configurable function).

The main advantages of operating the model of the indoor ceiling unit of the VRF system from Hitachi of the SET FREE High Efficiency line:
  • High performance units offer a number of advantages over standard units.
  • Higher energy efficiency is achieved in combination with outdoor units of the IVX Standart-Premium, FSXNH(E), FSXN1E series due to the possibility of installing a motion sensor on the indoor unit (option).
  • Thanks to the use of a new type of indoor unit fan and a new diffuser design, the minimum sound pressure level was reduced to 28 dB (for the RPC-1.0FSN3 model).
  • A fourth fan speed HIGH2 has been added to the standard 3 fan speeds (LOW, MED, HIGH). Therefore, even with the standard speed setting, the indoor unit can be installed at a height of 3.5 – 4.3 meters from the floor level and provide sufficient air circulation throughout the entire volume of the room.
  • As an option, a condensate drain pump can be used. Height of condensate rise 600 mm from the top edge of the indoor unit.
  • 100% high quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

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