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Such a unit will definitely fit into absolutely any interior due to its compact design. You can easily install this unit even in a nursery, because it has a minimum noise level.

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kartice jednokratno: $400,00 kn

kartice 2-12 eata: 5700 kn/ već od 475,00 kn/mj

kartice 13-24 eata: 6000 kn/ već od 255,00 kn/mj





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Podrška korisnicima:



Besplatna dostava:

Za sve narudžbe iznad 1999kn


Ovlaštena montaža:

Na području cijele Hrvatske


Povratak robe:

Moguć povrat unutar 14 dana

Dostupnost: dostupno

Kupi s proizvodom:

Instalacije Klime do 3,5KW

Instalacija Klime iznad 3,5KW

Eco Sence


The Alpha CH-S24FTXL2E-NG series from Cooper&Hunter has long been one of the brand’s most popular and advanced series. It has been constantly improved, now the novelty of the series is that it was started to be produced on the new R32 freon – due to this, the energy efficiency of the air conditioner has increased, the air conditioner gas has become more ozone-safe, and the freon weight is now less in the system itself.

The Alpha series is perfect for different types of premises, from apartments to large warehouses where there is a requirement to get a comfortable climate and at the same time save money, and due to its laconic design it will fit into any interior. Also, the Wi-Fi module will simplify the use of the air conditioner and allow you to control it from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. This series provides excellent energy efficiency in cooling and heating mode – class A ++ according to the latest EU directive ErP (Energy related Products).

Main functions of Cooper&Hunter Alpha CH-S24FTXL2E-NG:

“CH 7-SKY Technology” – a complex filtration system based on seven broad-spectrum filters;
“CH SMART-ION Filter” – a new generation of total air purification technology;
Operation from -24°С to +48°С for cooling and from -25°С to +24°С for heating;
Premium energy-saving equipment GENERATON IV (increased quality control of assembly and materials);
Advanced software that optimizes the operation of the air conditioner in a wide range of compressor speeds;
Self-cleaning of the internal block;
Premium remote control with a new ergonomic body, night illumination and bactericidal coating;
The “I FEEL” function is a built-in temperature sensor in the remote control. Temperature maintenance accuracy 0.5°С;
I-Action technology – smooth and stable operation of the compressor at ultra-low frequencies (1Hz);
Uninterrupted operation in the range of 96V-260V. Innovative, small-sized transformer;
Frost protection for your home: “+8 degrees” function. The air conditioner will maintain a temperature of 8 ° C, preventing the room from freezing and consuming a minimum of electricity;
Wide-angle blinds, creating coverage of the entire volume of the room;
Frost protection of the outdoor unit;
24 hour timer; Coating “BLUE-FIN”;
Comfortable maintenance of temperature in the night mode “SLEEP”;
Autonomous dehumidification;
Compressor protection;
Starting at low outside temperatures; Easily collapsible housing for quick assembly and cleaning;
Function “Autorestart” – automatic restart with remembering the settings;
Self-diagnosis of violations of the operation of the main units and modes, absolute protection against incorrect user actions indicating the error on the display;
Full compliance with the current European Union Directive ErP (Energy related Products) No. 626/2011/EU since 1-01-2013 for domestic heat pumps and air conditioners SEER A ++ SCOP A ++.


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