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Features of the multi-channel indoor unit of THE Cooper HUNTER chml-ID09RK system:

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The low-pressure Cooper HUNTER CHML-ID09RK multi-channel indoor unit is designed for cooling and heating rooms up to 25 m.
Heating operation is possible up to -20°C outside air.Cooper HUNTER ducted air conditioning systems provide superior climate
control for your home. With Cooper HUNTER duct air conditioners, air with perfect temperature control will
flow through vents on the ceiling or wall, cooling your home in summer and heating it in winter.

Channel air conditioner is ideal for large apartments, houses, offices ,non-residential premises where it is necessary to cool or heat
several rooms at once. A distinctive feature of duct systems is the supply of fresh air from the street and its distribution through
the network of air ducts. Thus it is possible to save on the installation of ventilation systems, if the premises is not subject to
special requirements by air.

Features of the multi-channel indoor unit of THE Cooper HUNTER chml-ID09RK system:

The mixing of fresh air
Organization of fresh air supply-is carried out by a separate air duct (in split systems with this function, the air duct is usually
a small diameter and is laid together with the route).

24-hour timer
The timer function allows you to program the air conditioner to turn on or off with a delay, after a set period of time.

Self-diagnosis mode
split system self-diagnosisThe controller installed in the Cooper Hunter air conditioner with a set of various sensors makes
measurements and analyzes the performance indicators in real time. The received data is processed using a special algorithm,
and the condition of all the main units and units of the air conditioner is evaluated. In case of deviation from the permissible
norms of air conditioner is automatically switched off and the indoor unit displays corresponding error code for which the service
engineer can identify the cause and quickly restore the air conditioner.

Turbo mode.
The COOPER HUNTER air conditioner uses an exclusive, powerful starter technology that can generate a powerful stream of cold air in a
very short time (up to 30 seconds) to guarantee immediate comfort.

Two options for connecting air ducts
Air intake to the indoor unit can be arranged both from the back and from the bottom of the duct air conditioner.

Temperature compensation.
Changing the installation height of the indoor unit causes the temperature measured by the sensor to differ from the
actual temperature at floor level. Changing the configuration of the connecting jumpers on the indoor unit Board allows
you to compensate for these deviations.

Dehumidification mode
Dehumidification mode automatically selects the cooling mode based on the difference between the set temperature and the
actual room temperature. The temperature is adjusted during a decrease in air humidity by repeatedly switching on and off
the cooling mode and only ventilation. when dehumidifying mode is enabled the symbol drop or the word DRY is displayed
on the remote control

Night mode
The mode is activated from the remote control and provides comfortable conditions for a quiet and deep sleep during a 7-hour
cycle with a change in the set temperature values, as well as setting a minimum noise level and economical power consumption.
After that, the temperature returns to the original set value.

Maintaining the temperature of 8°C
Frost protection of the room, maintaining the temperature of 8°C. The control system of air conditioners can maintain an indoor
air temperature of 8C, so that the walls do not cool down much and the water supply does not freeze. This is especially useful
for summer cottages, garages, or if You are going on vacation in winter, and You do not need to constantly warm up the room to
a comfortable temperature. At the same time, the air conditioner consumes less electricity, as the temperature difference of
the street/room decreases.

The ‘Follow me’ function (I Feel)
The ‘I FEEL’ function provides a comfortable air temperature exactly where a person is, that is, based on their self-perceptions
(‘I FEEL’ means I feel).When using the ‘I FEEL’ function, the temperature that is comfortable for a person is fixed on the sensor
of the indoor unit, after pressing a special button on the control panel.’I FEEL’ allows you to provide the most comfortable
conditions exactly where you are.



CHML-ID09RK внутренний блок

Indoor duct-type unit for multi-split systems Cooper&Hunter CHML-ID09RK are ducted air conditioners designed for concealed
installation where there is no possibility or desire to install indoor units of split systems.

The channel conditioner is ideally suited for apartments, offices, private houses.Such systems are most often used in order not to clutter
up the facade of the building with a large number of outdoor units. In addition, installing a lot of different split systems, you can just
get confused with a bunch of different remotes and settings from each. And with the CHML-ID09RK multi-split system, this is unlikely to happen,
and you can set a comfortable microclimate in every room of your house. In addition, such a system is very economical and consumes much less electricity
than many different installations. At the same time, its energy efficiency is not reduced.

Also, the main advantage is that such an installation will not affect the appearance of your interior in any way, thanks to the concealed
installation technique.

Main Functions of CHML-ID09RK

Energy efficiency class “A”;
Air conditioners are controlled by wireless
individual remotes that support the “I feel” function;
Noise Analysis Technology – virtually silent operation of the indoor and outdoor units;
Wide temperature range of effective operation: from -15ºС for heating and up to +48ºС for cooling;
Precise temperature control with an accuracy of 0.5°C;
Compact dimensions of duct and cassette indoor units (height 230 mm).

Key Features of CHML-ID09RK
Performance cold kW 2,50
warmly kW 2,80
air capacity m³ / h 450
Noise level dB(A) 31/37
Overall dimensions (width/depth/height) mm 700х615х200
Weight kg 22
Liquid line diameter mm/inch 6,35/1/4″
Gas line diameter mm/inch 9,53/3/8″


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