Komercijalni klima uređaji

Commercial air conditioners

Komercijalni klima uređaji

With the technical equipment of large commercial and industrial facilities, increased requirements are placed on ventilation and climate control systems. Industrial multi-zone climatic air conditioning systems consist of dozens of indoor units and fairly long interconnections. Typically a system can have up to 30 indoor units, with custom combinations of duct, cassette and floor/ceiling units.

One of the key functions is performed by industrial supply and exhaust air conditioners – units that provide cleaning and supply of fresh air inside the facility and the removal of “exhaust” air masses to the outside. Experts will tell you that a properly designed ventilation complex, including communications, an air supply unit and other climatic installations, is the key to the effective functioning of an industrial ventilation and air conditioning system.

Connecting all climate devices to the central route ensures the integrity and efficiency of the system, and the implementation of technical solutions based on the principle of multi-zone allows you to control the microclimate in each individual room.

What kinds of commercial air conditioners do we offer?
In most cases, the only way to get away from the heat of summer or cold windy weather in the fall is to visit shopping malls, industrial sites, or simply organizations that have commercial air conditioners that provide effective climate control. The need to purchase such equipment arises when it is necessary to optimize the temperature and humidity conditions in rooms with a huge area, where household models will definitely not cope. Today you can buy an industrial air conditioner from the Cooper & Hunter brand, which has proven itself among customers from around the world. The manufacturer suggests that you familiarize yourself with the following varieties of the above equipment:

  • Air conditioners for large rooms of cassette type. They are commercial equipment, which was developed specifically to work in rooms where the ceiling height is at least 5 meters. This is an ideal option for offices without partitions, where a lot of people sit and you can hardly get off with a conventional split system. Also, cassette models are not uncommon in restaurants where the installation of split systems is not provided.
  • Channel technology. These commercial models are installed in facilities where it is possible to hide the indoor unit behind the ceiling and count on obtaining a comfortable climate. Ducted air conditioners are a good option for apartment owners who do not want to look at the units installed on the walls every day. Moreover, such devices are used in offices, shops, restaurants.
  • Floor and ceiling models. This commercial type technique was created in order to be installed in stretched objects. Such devices are equipped with powerful compressors that produce a maximum of cold or warm air. Can be installed in horizontal and vertical form, this is a great option for supermarkets along with beauty salons, offices, private homes, where large and spacious rooms.

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