Kasetni ventilokonvektori

Cassette fan coil units

Kasetni ventilokonvektori

Cassette fan coil units comming in two versions: Compact and Standard, the device is ideal for air conditioning in offices, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, hotel complexes. All cassette have a 2-pipe heat exchanger. Their biggest advantage is quick installation and simple maintenance. With their help, fast and efficient heating or cooling of rooms is organized, excluding direct blowing with cold air cassette type fan coil units smoothly distribute air flows.

The ceiling-mounted cassette unit, at a low cost and compact size, can cool large rooms, creating a comfortable environment for rest and work. The unit consists of a heat exchanger, a powerful fan and a control unit. In addition to cooling, air conditioning equipment can work for heating, creating comfort in winter. The cassette-type fan coil unit is characterized by quiet, noiseless operation. Some models are equipped with a fresh air intake function.

Features and benefits:
  • Circular airflow for even air distribution
  • Horizontal air supply ensures no drafts and reduces ceiling dirt
  • Engine with four speeds and one standby
  • Fresh air connection for a healthier and more comfortable environment
  • Built-in drain pump
Frequently asked questions and answers
  • For which rooms are cassette fan coil units suitable?
    Although there are cassette fan coil units for rooms with an area of ​​​​10-20 m2, their main scope is spacious rooms of a large area. The main requirement is the presence of a false ceiling with a ceiling space sufficient for mounting the unit.
  • What are the advantages of cassette fan coil units?
    Due to the hidden installation of the main part of the housing, cassette fan coil units do not occupy usable space and are appropriate in modern interiors. Their installation is easier than channel-type equipment. Most models distribute air evenly in 4 directions
  • How to choose a cassette fan coil unit? When choosing a cassette fan coil unit, you should pay attention to the following points:
    • the area of ​​the room that the equipment can serve;
    • type of connection (2- or 4-pipe);
    • number of directions (flows) of outgoing air;
    • the presence of additional functions (filtration, fresh air mixing);
    • block dimensions;
    • dimensions and design of the front panel.
  • How much does a cassette fan coil cost?
    The price of a cassette fan coil unit depends on the performance, type of connection, functionality, brand.

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