Evipower premium inverter

Evipower premium inverter

Evipower premium inverter

New C&H EVIPOWER INVERTER PREMIUM devices offer maximum comfort at home thanks to the latest EVI technology, which extends the operation range of the unit and allows the heat pump to produce 50 ° C outlet water at an outside temperature of -25 ° C, and additionally are very quiet and protect the environment, because they use environmentally friendly R32 gas as a refrigerant. They are available in the power range of 8 kW for 1-phase units and from 12.5 to 23 kW for 3-phase units.

Cooper & Hunter heat pump equipment on our auction:

  • EVIPOWER PREMIUM controller
  • DHW sensor
  • Condensate drain connection
  • Anti-vibration rubbers (4 pcs.)
  • Display mounting element
  • Display communication cable

The biggest advantages of the Cooper & Hunter heat pump:

  • Exclusive premium ABS plastic housing design
  • Very quiet operation for 23 kW – only 46 dB (A)
  • 5-inch color touchscreen control panel
  • Configurable with BMS (RS485) and remote control
  • Patented shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Grundfos circulation pump
  • Panasonic EVI inverter compressor
  • Quick start system at low temperatures
  • Cascade operation possible

Cooper & Hunter devices use the latest technical solutions which make the devices environmentally friendly, comfortable and, above all, solidly constructed. The high reliability of the devices allows for a warranty. In order to activate the warranty on Cooper & Hunter brand devices, a warranty operation must be performed by a Cooper & Hunter licensed company. MAKINJA Ltd. can perform this service directly or through a network of official service technicians. Check if we can provide such a service in your area. Lack of warranty start-up means that the device does not have a warranty for components and a possible repair service.







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