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Wall mounted

Zidne jedinice

The wall mounted units are equipped with an economical DC INVERTER motor. They have a triple air purification system, as well as a function that prevents the injection of cold air (the device blows out air only after it warms up).

Features and benefits:
  • Comfortable and balanced air flow with choice of flow direction (up/down). Blowing up: In cooling mode, cool air blows horizontally and then gradually falls. Downdraft: During heating operation, warm air blows downwards and then gradually upwards.
  • One IDU with several wired controllers and several IDUs with one wired controller. One IDU can be combined with several wired controllers to control one IDU from different locations; Meanwhile, several IDUs can be connected to one wired controller for centralized control of up to 16 IDUs.
  • I-Feel function: When I-feel is active, the device can detect the temperature around the user and regulate the temperature to improve the user’s comfort. (Remote).
  • Protection functions: protection against water spillage, protection against icing, protection against temperature sensor failure, protection against fan motor overload.

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