Electric heating is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s a flexible solution for new builds and renovation that can be used with wet or dry installation. Quick-responding heating systems are easy to control, enabling great comfort and convenience. They combine user-friendly solutions and high standards of quality. There are two primary radiant floor heating systems: electronic and hydronic systems.

Hydronic Floor Heating Systems

Hydronic systems use heating pipes under the floor that are heated by a boiler system to heat the floors. The long-term cost of running the system is less expensive than an electric system, however, the installation is much more costly. Hydronic systems take longer to install than electric systems and generally work best with new builds versus installing them into an existing home or building. Unlike the electric system, a hydronic system will require regular maintenance.

Electric Floor Heating Systems

An electric radiant floor heating system uses electric heating wires to heat the floors. Installation is quick and incredibly energy efficient. Electric systems are also cost-effective and less expensive to install (compared to other heating systems), especially when considering the long-term electricity costs. Electric systems also require no ongoing maintenance. They’re installed and ready to go.

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