Podni ventilokonvektori

Floor fan coils

Podni ventilokonvektori

Floor fan coil units designed for both vertical and horizontal installation. Thanks to the thin casing and streamlined shape, they perfectly fit into any room, being used in offices, hotels or shopping centers.

Floor fan coil unit: advantages of the device

When choosing a floor-standing fan coil unit for a residential building, office or commercial facility, you get an energy efficient heating / cooling system that has a number of distinctive advantages:

  1. One chiller can provide heat/coolant to a large number of fan coil units, which allows heating/cooling the required number of separate rooms at the same time. Each unit is configured and controlled autonomously, maintaining an individual microclimate in each serviced room.
  2. The equipment can be installed directly on the floor (on special stands) close to the wall or built into the wall (in a prepared plasterboard niche), which makes it possible to optimize the usable space in the room.
  3. The floor-standing fan coil price has noticeably decreased, as competition in the market is growing every year.
  4. The built-in automation system (2-way or 3-way valve with a servo drive, thermostat) provides optimal heat carrier flow with maximum air flow, which allows you to create a comfortable environment in a matter of minutes.
  5. Availability of models with energy-saving inverter fan motor.
  6. In modern fan coil units, manufacturers focus on attractive design. The decorative plastic case makes it possible to harmoniously fit the device into any interior of the room.
  7. The operation and maintenance of the units does not require specific knowledge and a lot of time – filters and consumables for maintenance and replacement are always available for sale.
Features and benefits:
  • A wide selection of drivers
  • Bottom air intake
  • Pipe connection can be selected from the left or right side
  • RS485 (BMS) optional

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