Primary R32 Inverter Kazete

Primary R32 Inverter Cassette

Primary R32 Inverter Kazete

The Primary R32 Inverter Cassette is an air system series made to cope with the foremost daily needs of small business owners and people living and working in small to medium-sized spaces around the world. The name ‘Primairy’ signifies the goal of addressing the primairy needs of people in terms of giving them access to cleaners consistently modified air in their environments. Cassette units are especially suited to a narrow ceiling cavities or high ceilings; they fit to a standard ceiling grid and can be easily incorporated between light panels and other overhead fixtures.

Key Features:

  • 4-Way airflow
  • Front air deflectors are adjustable for horizontal or vertical airflow. – Smooth airflow can be directed to air condition the whole room or Fresh air inlet
  • Allows fresh air intake to improve door ventilation and air quality at approximately 15m3/h
  • Temperature compensation – The temperature setting can be used to adjust the temperature differential via the wired controller for more accurate temperature control
  • Washable filter – Washable filter for easier service and maintenance
  • R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change


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