Cooper&Hunter Commercial Air Conditioners

Are you a business owner, manager, development director? Then at some point it will be necessary to equip an office or a production workshop, or build a commercial real estate complex from scratch. And here you need commercial air conditioners for large rooms. In this section, we are pleased to offer you the best Cooper&Hunter, which have proven themselves as an effective attribute of successful commercial projects.

In turn, semi-industrial air conditioners presented in this segment are able to solve the problems of small and medium-sized businesses in terms of energy-efficient climate systems. The specialists of our company, depending on the characteristics of your premises, budget and individual preferences, will offer you cassette, duct or floor-to-ceiling air conditioners. Optimal calculation of the placement of external and internal units, high-quality laying of connecting lines and commissioning – all basic services and other specialized work are always carried out with high quality and on time.

Ducted air conditioners – the optimal solution to complex problems.

In the market of semi-industrial climatic equipment, most often you will find offers to buy a ducted air conditioner. And there is nothing surprising here, because such systems can really be called multifunctional monsters designed to perform complex tasks. Let’s say you need to implement an air conditioning and ventilation project for several rooms. Undoubtedly, ducted air conditioning is the best choice in this case. The main feature of semi-industrial split systems of this type is the installation method. Here, the installation involves embedding the indoor unit in the ventilation system. Thus, an integrated climate system is formed that provides circulation, cooling / heating and air purification in all rooms of your facility.

The mechanism of the indoor unit is mounted in a separate compartment, a small technical pantry or under a false ceiling. When placing it, it is important to take into account that a well-chosen niche, located at a sufficient distance from the places where people are located, will ensure that noise pollution is reduced to zero. And these are not big words at all: if for such equipment a noise level of up to 50 dB is considered low, then commercial climate systems from Cooper & Hunter demonstrate a record minimum of 36 dB.

Advantages of the multi-channel air flow control system:

  • no technical installations in sight and space saving;
  • uninterrupted performance of an extensive list of tasks while maintaining several premises;
  • the ability to withstand heavy loads while maintaining a low noise level;
  • ensuring high rates of air purification;
  • versatility and economy.

Due to the possibility of combination with a supply and exhaust ventilation system, as well as temperature control in the air duct system, you save on ventilation and heating systems.

Cassette air conditioners or floor and ceiling units: what to choose?

Cassette units are specially designed for spacious rooms up to 160 sq.m with high ceilings from 3 m. This equipment has the following advantages:

  • Air flows evenly distributed in 4 directions

Just one air conditioner handles the cooling/ventilation/heating of a large enough space. For comparison, with the solution of a similar problem, 2-3 conventional wall-mounted split systems would be required.

  • Aesthetic perfection

The indoor unit is mounted in a false ceiling, and only the decorative ventilation grille remains visible.

  • A mandatory attribute of a high-tech home or office in high-tech style

In turn, floor-to-ceiling air conditioners can rightly be called universal. Such equipment can be installed at an object with any dimensions and configurations of premises, as well as in cases where it is inconvenient or impractical to install other types of commercial climate systems. The name speaks for itself: the compact indoor unit is mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall in the floor area, depending on the characteristics of the room and the wishes of the client. And buy floor-to-ceiling air conditioners from us.

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