Nordic Comercial Inverter R32 Pod/Strop

Nordic Comercial Inverter R32 Floor/Ceiling

Nordic Comercial Inverter R32 Pod/Strop

The Cooper&Hunter floor-to-ceiling air conditioner is a commercial appliance designed primarily for installation in large stretched rooms. Installation with a powerful special compressor that produces the maximum cold-warm air. Air conditioners can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, due to this they are perfect for large shops, supermarkets, beauty salons, offices, private houses with large and spacious rooms.

From the electricity consumed, it produces about 3 times more energy. Thus, you will save a lot with this air conditioner. And this model will also suit you if you simply do not have enough power of conventional split systems. Floor and ceiling conditioners are developed for professional installations and will serve you with reliability and quality of work.


  • Simple installation
  • Self-testing of main units and modes to identify malfunctions
  • Multi-level system protection
  • Pipeline length is up to 75 m (for high power models)

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