HITACHI Takai inverter

HITACHI Takai inverter

Takai inverter

Household wall-mounted inverter split system HI-End runs on a new type of safe refrigerant R32 , which is characterized by high seasonal energy efficiency (SEER = A +++ / SCOP = A +++). Stylish white air conditioner made of high quality materials. Users note the quiet operation of the device in the mode with the minimum fan speed. It can be installed in the bedroom, guaranteeing a calm and comfortable sleep.

Another advantage is the 12-hour timer, which is activated from the remote control and allows you to program the system during the day. The air conditioner Hitachi (Japan) of the HI-End series has stainless steel filters. The model provides four-way air distribution – horizontal and vertical, with auto-adjustment. The temperature in the room is evenly distributed due to the formation of two air streams. The presence sensor in the split system prevents the formation of drafts and guarantees a comfortable stay in the room.

HITACHI Takai inverter Features:

  • Effectively works in the heating mode at an external temperature reaching -20 ⁰C.
  • The user can select Powerful or Eco mode, which are responsible for increased performance (when you need to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible) or reduced power consumption, respectively.
  • In case of power outages, the automatic system restart function will help.
  • FrostWash is a technology that prevents bacteria and dust. The internal heat exchanger of the air conditioner is cooled to sub-zero temperatures in order to freeze the “coat” of “hoarfrost” on itself, then it is heated so that this “fur coat” during thawing will wash away all the dirt from the walls.
  • Self-cleaning filter.
  • Presence sensor that regulates the operation of the air conditioner while people are in the room and prevents cold drafts.
  • 4-way air distribution: uniform cooling / heating of the room.

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