Zidni ventilokonvektori

Wall fan coils

Zidni ventilokonvektori

Split type fan coil units designed for horizontal installation on walls. Devices equipped with a 2-pipe system are ideal for modern construction. Possibility to control with a wireless remote control. The heat or coolant of wall mounted fan coil units is water or a special solution of ethylene glycol. Cold water is prepared by a chiller, and hot water is prepared by a heat pump or heating boiler. The prepared liquid circulates through the piping system to the fan coil and back to the preparation unit.

The main components of the wall-mounted fan coil unit:
  • heat exchanger (radiator);
  • blower fan;
  • air filters;
  • plastic case;
  • servo valve (optional);
  • thermostat (control panel).

The installation of a wall-mounted fan coil unit is carried out in a visible place on the wall, so the design of the front panel must match the overall interior of the room. The white color of the plastic housing will allow the fan coil unit to fit into any interior.  Most models can optionally be equipped with a thermostat and a valve with a servomotor, which allows you to control and maintain the optimum temperature in the room.

Features of the technology:

  • water flows from the chiller through pipes to the heat exchanger;
  • air from the room enters the device;
  • air masses are cooled (heated) upon contact with the heat exchanger;
  • With the help of a fan, the prepared air is fed back into the room.
  • Engine with four speeds and one standby
  • The possibility of connecting the outlet pipe on the left / right / back allows installation in any room
  • The tangential fan ensures comfort and quiet operation
  • Easy access thanks to the possibility of removing the front panel

You can change the intensity of heating / cooling (equipment performance) by adjusting the volume of liquid passing through the heat exchanger and the fan speed. The wall-mounted fan coil unit is designed for use in office and residential buildings. The popularity of this device is high, as it allows you to provide rooms for various purposes with heat or cold at a fairly low energy consumption.

How to choose a wall-mounted fan coil?

The choice of fan coils is carried out according to technical parameters, taking into account the following features:

  • capacity of the unit for cooling and heating;
  • air capacity of the device;
  • airflow length;
  • the need to use automation;
  • dimensions and purpose of the room;
  • auxiliary functions and modes of operation.

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