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Air-to-water heat pumps from Cooper&Hunter are versatile equipment that allow you to heat your premises with maximum efficiency and provide hot water all year round. The technical characteristics of our heat pumps have a number of advantages among similar systems. The return on initial investment averages from 3.5 to 5 years, while fully satisfying your heating needs.

Our experts will select the equipment you need, taking into account the following factors:

  • room area
  • number of people living
  • heat transfer system (underfloor heating, fan coil units, bimetallic radiators, boiler, etc.)
  • taking into account the existing heating system or miscalculation from scratch at the repair stage
  • verage temperature in your area

In order to choose an air-to-water heat pump , contact our managers right now and get a ready-made turnkey offer.

Air-to-water heat pumps from Cooper&Hunter – the most popular series:

  • Evipower inverter
  • Evipower premium inverter
  • Monoblock R32
  • Split R32
  • Split R32 all-in-one
  • Ecopower R290

How an air-to-water heat pump works?

The source of low-grade heat for them is the surrounding air. Using 1 kW of electricity from the network to operate the drive, the air source heat pump “produces” up to 5 kW of thermal energy for heating the house and heating water. The principle of operation of the air-to-water heat pump is based on the process of accumulating low-grade heat from the air during evaporation, which circulates in the closed space of the refrigerant circuit, and the subsequent transfer of heat to the heating system during the condensation of the refrigerant.

The composition of the air-to-water heat pump Cooper&Hunter:

  • external monoblock or two blocks (internal and external – split system);
  • a tank for hot water or a boiler with a built-in heating element (when paired with an additional electric heater – in bivalent mode);
  • heat distribution system (warm floors, fan coil units, convectors or radiators);
  • control automation (sensors, control thermostats, controllers).

Where is the air-to-water heat pump used?

Since the heat source is very affordable, the use of air source heat pumps is very diverse.

They are installed:

  • for heating systems of private houses, apartment buildings,
  • administrative buildings or institutions;
  • for heating water in swimming pools;
  • for heating industrial buildings;
  • for heating greenhouses and farms;
  • for the installation of heating systems in new buildings;
  • to replace gas and other similar boilers in old buildings.

A Cooper&Hunter air-to-water heat pump can be bought and installed in any home, office or small hotel. It is appropriate to use it as a main or additional heating system. Thanks to the ability to use auxiliary heating devices (underfloor heating, radiators, fan coil units, hot water tanks), several rooms in the house can be heated at the same time. Cooper Hunter heat pumps are available in our store, which are designed for use in rooms of different sizes: from 80 to 1555 m².


  • wide functionality: heating, heating and air conditioning, water heating;
  • the most cost-effective type of heat pump: minimum investment and low operating costs;
  • control of several heating circuits, regulation of the temperature of
  • heating water for domestic needs, efficient heating of water for the pool;
  • the highest energy efficiency class A+++;
  • power supply from a single-phase or three-phase network;
  • simple maintenance;
  • maximum cost savings when registering a tariff for electric heating.

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