Dodai 2

Dodai 2

Dodai 2

Hitachi wall-mounted Dodai 2 air conditioners are modern inverter split systems of the famous Japanese brand Hitachi on R32 refrigerant with a high class of seasonal energy efficiency in both cooling and heating modes: A ++ / A +. A wide range of models includes models with a cooling capacity of 2, 2.5, 3.5 and 5 kW. The indoor units of all models are made in the same form factor with a compact width of only 78 cm and have a record low sound pressure level – at the lowest fan speed (Super Low), the noise level is only 19 dB(A), which ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.

The innovative Frost Wash function of the indoor unit’s heat exchanger ensures that clean air is supplied to the room. During the Frost Wash function, the surface of the heat exchanger is first covered with drops of water, then this water turns into ice, trapping dust particles in it. When the frozen water melts, all contaminants are washed away. Comfortable air distribution is achieved thanks to the horizontal auto sawing – automatic swing of the horizontal shutter of the blinds (up and down). The direction of the air flow vertically (left-right) is regulated by manually setting the vertical shutters of the blinds to the required position.

The operation of the air conditioner during the day is easy to program thanks to the 12-hour timer function activated from the remote control. Inverter split systems of the X-COMFORT series are capable of heating at low temperatures: efficient operation in heating mode at outdoor temperatures down to -15 °C. The “Standby heating” mode allows you to maintain the air temperature at least 10 ° C in the room during the whole time when you are at work or go on vacation – ideal for suburban housing. The maximum period that can be set is 99 days.

The air conditioner is equipped with Eco and Powerful functions: the user can activate either a high performance mode or a low power mode.

Features of the Hitachi Dodai 2 series:

  • A++/A+ — high seasonal energy efficiency;
  • from 19 dB(A) — low noise level;
  • cleaning the heat exchanger by “freezing” Frost Wash;
  • control of horizontal blinds using the remote control;
  • ECO function – low power mode;
  • “Standby heating” mode – maintaining the temperature at 10 ° C;
  • heating at low temperatures – up to -15 С;
  • 12 hour timer.

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