Super inverter Mokai

Super inverter Mokai

Super inverter Mokai

The white plastic housing impresses with its modern and compact design. The attached wall bracket is made of galvanized sheet steel. The elongated holes and labeling make it easier to mount the bracket. The innovative one-piece device casing enables quick and free access to the refrigerant connections. All interior surfaces of the device are lined with heat and sound insulation.

The room air is cleaned by the built-in washable filter insert. In addition, an activated carbon filter is installed downstream, which also increases the air quality. In order to increase the longevity and filter effect, filter elements made of fine stainless steel mesh can also be used as an option. A built-in motion sensor automatically changes the internally used setpoint by up to 2K in Eco mode, thus saving additional operating costs if nobody is in the room.

Horizontal air outlet with motor-driven adjustable air deflector. The 4-Way-Swing enables air flow directed to all sides. The quiet running radial fan roller is statically and dynamically balanced. The highly efficient heat exchanger in lambda design consists of a CU-AL finned tube heat exchanger with liquid distributor.

Two control LEDs are integrated on the front of the device. The operating lamp signals the operation of the device. If this flashes, this indicates a preheating phase or defrosting operation. When the timer is active, another LED lights up. If the system cannot be switched on/off using the infrared remote control, the switch integrated in the device cover can be operated.

For additional cleaning of the indoor unit heat exchanger, a cleaning called the Frost Wash function can be initiated manually or depending on the running time. For this purpose, the heat exchanger is briefly cooled down to -15°C and the layer of frost that forms is defrosted again. The particles on the slats are washed off by the escaping condensation water and are collected and discharged via the condensation water tray. The built-in motion detector ensures that this process is only initiated when no one is in the room.

If a connection to a SOMFY network (home automation system) or operation via APP is desired, the device offers enough space to place the external adapter in or on the device. In addition to the Hi-Kumo app (based on WiFi), which is specified for the end user, a software upgrade to remote maintenance can also be made possible (Hi-Kumo Pro).

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