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Heat Recovery Units

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The heat recovery units are used for ventilation of apartments, offices and other rooms. It is an easy-to-install energy saving system that recovers up to 85% of the energy used to heat or cool rooms. The device is equipped with a counter-flow exchanger, the advantage of which, compared to the cross-flow exchangers, is lowering the temperature at which there is frosting and clogging of the exchanger.

Why is an air handling unit with heat recovery needed?

To maintain an optimal microclimate in a dwelling or other facility, there are quite a few different technical solutions, one of which is a supply and exhaust unit with heat recovery for a home or commercial sector of the economy. The equipment is a complex of technical means and units that allow organizing efficient and stable air ventilation in the room. The main task of the equipment is to supply clean air and remove polluted air masses to ensure a healthy and clean microclimate, while providing heat recovery using a special heat exchanger – recuperator.

Structurally, the supply and exhaust unit with recuperation for an apartment consists of the main components:

  1. Fans (supply and exhaust) – devices for creating artificial air exchange, allowing you to maintain the desired air pressure.
  2. The air damper is a part that is mounted behind the external grille, preventing the air supply from the street when the equipment is not working. If there is no valve, cold air will enter the room from the outside in winter.
  3. The piping system is represented by air supply and exhaust lines passing through the unit and connected through the supply and exhaust fans, respectively.
  4. Means of automation – the functioning of the system is carried out by adjusting devices that respond to sensors and user settings of operating modes.
  5. Filters – installation of coarse air filters at the inlet will keep large dust particles, poplar fluff and insects from entering the room.
  6. The recuperator is a plate heat exchanger of a cross or rotary type, designed for heating / cooling the outside air due to the thermal energy of the exhaust air.
Air handling unit with recuperation. Criterias of choice.

The air handling unit with heat recovery and cooling can be used both for small premises (apartments, offices) and for large production facilities. The production of climate equipment is aimed at satisfying the needs of any customers, while ensuring minimal energy consumption. All components of the system, including recuperators and engines, must be tested in laboratory conditions in order to solve their main tasks at a high level during operation and comply with environmental requirements. In most cases, supplied from the manufacturer, the supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery has a “plug and play” function – that is, it is already ready for operation.

Characteristics and prices for air handling units with heat recovery

The cost of installation directly depends on the model of the unit, technical characteristics and functionality. The principle of operation of most models of PES with recuperation is based on heating / cooling and preliminary purification of the air supplied from outside.

The main tasks of the PES:

  • Supply of clean air to the room with the possibility of cooling / heating.
  • Intake and outlet of exhaust air from the room.
  • Recuperation, efficient use of thermal energy of air.
  • Coarse and clean filtration of incoming air masses using a filter system.
  • Some models can work for dehumidification and humidification.

Installation of PES will provide a comfortable indoor air environment all year round, prevent the spread of odors from the kitchen, bathroom around the entire perimeter of the house or apartment, thereby providing a clean and fresh smell in the house.

If you are interested in supply and exhaust ventilation with recuperation or have questions related to the selection and installation of climate control equipment, the managers of the KLIMEONLINE store will provide comprehensive information and help you make the right decision.

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