1.00 PDV je uključen u cijenu

  • Standard and BMS Modbus controller
  • Automatic adjustable defrost
  • Air flow: 1000 m3/h
  • Temperature recovery: 70%
  • Sound pressure level: 32dB
  • Power: 1F / 220V / 50Hz
  • Nominal energy consumption: 440U
  • Connection nozzles: 250 mm
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kartice jednokratno: $400,00 kn

kartice 2-12 eata: 5700 kn/ već od 475,00 kn/mj

kartice 13-24 eata: 6000 kn/ već od 255,00 kn/mj





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Podrška korisnicima:



Besplatna dostava:

Za sve narudžbe iznad 1999kn


Ovlaštena montaža:

Na području cijele Hrvatske


Povratak robe:

Moguć povrat unutar 14 dana

Dostupnost: dostupno

Kupi s proizvodom:

Instalacije Klime do 3,5KW

Instalacija Klime iznad 3,5KW

Eco Sence


Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 supply and exhaust ventilation with heat exchanger. The supply and exhaust ventilation unit Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 is specially designed to provide a comfortable microclimate, both in residential buildings and indoors.

The COOPER & HUNTER CH-HRV10K2 air handling unit with heat recovery is a full-size heat recovery air handling unit with an efficiency of up to 75%. It is made in a compact case that allows it to be placed even behind a false ceiling without wasting much space and is equipped with an almost silent motor that allows you to use it in residential and even sleeping quarters. Built-in intelligent control ensures the most comfortable experience of using this equipment. The supply and exhaust ventilation unit Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 is specially designed to provide a comfortable microclimate, both in residential buildings and in commercial premises. Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 is a multifunctional ventilation unit equipped with heat recovery and humidity control functions (option). To achieve comfortable indoor conditions, it is necessary to ensure sufficient fresh air supply and temperature control.

The ventilation unit with heat recovery Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 is standardly equipped with a control panel with the possibility of weekly programming. The Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 ventilation system is able to control the temperature and humidity of the incoming fresh air, while providing heat and moisture exchange, which in turn contributes to a significant reduction in the operating costs of the heating and air conditioning system.


Automatic change of ventilation modes: auto, heat recovery, bypass.
Three speed fan control.
Low noise level.
High efficiency celluloid heat exchanger.
The supply and exhaust ventilation unit with heat recovery is equipped with a double air filter, which eliminates the penetration of unpleasant odors into the room.
Notification of the need to clean the air filters.
Provides highly efficient operation at both high and low atmospheric pressure.
Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 is able to provide high-quality ventilation in a wide range of outdoor temperatures, from -15°C to +40°C.

Features of Cooper & Hunter CH-HRV10K2:

Celluloid recuperator
Air flow from 150-3000 m3/hour
Parallel flow heat exchanger
Quiet operation
Two filters (supply and exhaust)
Easy ceiling installation
Bypass function
Three fan speeds

Optional equipment

– Wired Touch Screen Remote
The intuitive, ergonomic wired remote control has a wide range of control options for the ventilation system, and also notifies you when the filter needs to be replaced and is equipped with a weekly programmable timer.

– Humidity sensor
The sensor reacts to changes in the humidity level and, when it reaches the limit value set on the remote control, turns on or off the Cooper&Hunter CH-HRV10K2 supply and exhaust ventilation system.

– Carbon dioxide sensor
The sensor captures the level of CO2 in the room and transmits the data to the head unit, which selects the appropriate mode of operation of the ventilation unit





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