Unutarnje podne jedinice za multi sustav

Indoor floor units for multi system

Unutarnje podne jedinice za multi sustav

Cooper&Hunter indoor floor units for multi-split systems  are air conditioners designed for designer apartments, where there are requirements for air conditioner installation not at the top on the wall, but at the bottom of the radiator or near it.  Air conditioners are designed for professional installations.  Such a unit will definitely fit into your interior thanks to its compact design. You can easily install this unit even in a nursery, because it has a minimum noise level.

Such systems are most often used in order not to clutter up the facade of the building with a large number of outdoor units. In addition, installing a lot of different split systems, you can just get confused with a bunch of different remotes and settings from each. And with the indoor floor multi-split system, this is unlikely to happen, and you can set a comfortable microclimate in every room of your house. In addition, such a system is very economical and consumes much less electricity than many different installations. At the same time, its energy efficiency is not reduced.

Main functions of indoor floor units for multi system:

  • Energy efficiency class “A”;
  • Air conditioners are controlled by wireless;
  • Individual remotes that support the “I feel” function;
  • Noise Analysis Technology – virtually silent operation of the indoor and outdoor units;
  • Wide temperature range of effective operation: from -15ºС for heating and up to +48ºС for cooling;
  • Precise temperature control with an accuracy of 0.5°C

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