Hybrid Solar Podna Konzola

Hybrid Solar Floor Console

Hybrid Solar Podna Konzola

Hybrid Solar Floor Console can work down to -25°C thanks to EVI compressor. You can drive half free with solar cells connected directly. Typically around 3kWh of energy can be captured for every 1kWh of electrical energy expended, giving almost 4kWh of heat energy for only 1kWh of electrical input  and giving efficiency of almost 400%.

A breakthrough design that combines perfectly with any style.  Compact size and good balanced design will easily integrated to your home decoration. There are four possibilities to install the indoor unit. In the daytime, when the  photovoltaic power is greater than 200-300W, the air conditioner can work through the DC power of the solar panel without being connected to the grid, and it is not affected by  the clouds on a sunny day. In the rainy days or at night, the power grid needs to be supplemented.


WiFi Remote Control, through WiFi or Bluetooth you can connect your house air  conditioner with your Android or lphone mobile phone, and control anywhere of the devices.Owner can share devices to your family or workers and 1 APP can control multy solar air  condioner seperately or in group.

Features and benefits:
  • -30°C EVI Technology
  • GMCC DC Inverter Vapor Injection Compressor
  • Under SEER 60, COP reach 3.95
  • High Efficiency Class A+ For Europe at -10°C
  • Heating Capacity increase 20-50% at -15°C
  • Two-stage throttling and compressing
  • Twin Rotary, stable, efficiency low speed working
  • Lowest working ambient temp: -30°C
  • Maximize Air outlet temp 55°C at -20°C
  • Double airflow for improved comfort and temperature dispersion: Through the top for an efficient operation

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