Arctic inverter

Arctic inverter

Arctic inverter

Household split systems of the flagship Arctic series from Cooper & Hunter will be an excellent choice if you are looking for an air conditioner that will not only cool the air in the heat, but also work as a full-fledged heat pump with the ability to heat up to -25°C.

Updated models with premium energy-saving equipment “GENERATION VI”. This is the 6th generation of inverters with increased quality control of assembly and materials. The climate system of the Arctic series is able to work all year round and will replace many devices for you, both for cooling and heating. At the same time, Arctic air conditioners are very economical and do not consume a large amount of electricity compared to their counterparts. Therefore, you can save a lot on your energy bills.

Air conditioners of this series are distinguished by reliability and high efficiency even at abnormally low temperatures, with minimal power consumption (25 m² model consumes 0.6 kW) of electricity. Energy efficiency during heating operation reaches the A+++ class , and the CH 7-SKY Technology filter will always keep the air perfectly clean. Cooper&Hunter Arctic inverter air conditioner has a special algorithm that ensures efficient and stable operation at low temperatures. It is equipped with the following options :

  • intelligent defrosting;
  • compressor and sump heating;
  • outdoor unit fan speed controller.

You can direct the airflow from right to left with the remote control. And also the Arctic series from the Cooper&Hunter brand has a smooth and stable operation of the compressor at ultra-low frequencies thanks to I-Action . You can definitely create a pleasant microclimate at home, because these air conditioners from Cooper&Hunter have the highest energy efficiency class A +++.

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