HITACHI air conditioners

The split indoor unit connected to an external refrigeration unit is a popular air conditioning system for living rooms which is perfect for domestic use. Thanks to modern technology, home air conditioning is small, compact devices designed in accordance with current trends, which, apart from their basic cooling function, can also play a decorative role.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating has pushed the boundaries of industrial design and engineering for Air Conditioning for over 80 years, pouring our expertise, dedication and imagination into each project and product released. Our advanced systems make it easier to maintain a healthier indoor atmosphere, and intuitive climate control settings keep your home as comfortable as it is energy efficient. To increase efficiency, innovative functions like Powerful Mode and Sleep Mode respond to your activity, and a selection of preloaded modes make it easy to customize the air around you and suit the needs of all. Even when on the move, stay in control of your home’s air conditioning unit via our specialized series of apps that make remote management simple.

We understand that every household has a unique set of requirements, and our range of residential air conditioning systems has a solution suitable for each home. Whether heating, cooling or dehumidification choose from our modern wall-mounted, console, cassette or ducted systems. Also, discover features such as FrostWash that can reduce bacteria and mold in the air by up to 91% and 87%* respectively, which provide you with a cleaner atmosphere. All Hitachi Cooling & Heating air conditioning units and systems are built to the highest standards to minimise any inconveniences, so nothing stops you from enjoying the ideal indoor climate throughout the year.

Hitachi air conditioning includes discreet and economical models of air conditioners that are easy to use and install. You can choose from devices designed to be mounted on the wall, above the door, under the ceiling or ducted, designed especially for rooms with limited space. Each Hitachi air conditioner is a guarantee of high efficiency with low energy consumption and quiet operation. Individual models are equipped with remote control systems, have antibacterial and odor-absorbing filters.

Hitachi home air conditioning is also a possibility to use the purchased devices for heating purposes, as almost every Hitachi air conditioner can be used as high-efficiency heating. Hitachi air conditioning is a wide selection of modern and efficient models of air conditioners intended for cooling, heating and ventilating residential premises. Their diversified technical parameters, sizes and functions allow to adjust the air-conditioning system of the room to the individual needs of the residents and the technical conditions of the building. The Hitachi air conditioner is the optimal solution when it comes to air conditioning your home or apartment.

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