Unutarnje kanalske jedinice za multi sustav

Indoor duct units for multi system

Unutarnje kanalske jedinice za multi sustav

The Cooper & Hunter  Duct Indoor Unit operates over a wide voltage range, reducing the effect of voltage-free operation on the unit. The unit starts safely at reduced voltage. Thanks to the built-in Turbo function, the device will quickly adjust the air temperature to the parameters set by the user.

The creation of the Multi system allows you to control costs and energy consumption throughout the season. Thanks to the wide range of devices operation at very low and high outside temperatures, there is no need to invest in additional heating or cooling systems.

The most important functions of the unit:

  • High performance
  • Wide temperature range
  • Low voltage start
  • Stepless air flow speed regulation
  • Intelligent defrosting system
  • Compact design
  • Wide voltage range
  • Easier maintenance
  • Hot start function
  • Energy saving function
  • Heating 8 ° C
  • Turbo mode
  • Auto-restart function

The kit includes:

  • Indoor unit
  • Pilot

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