Vanjske jedinice za multi sustav

Outdoor units for multi system

Vanjske jedinice za multi sustav

Inverter multi-split system Cooper Hunter of the outdoor units series is an air conditioning unit in which one external unit works for several rooms at the same time, there can be from 2 to 5. Indoor units installed indoors are selected based on design features, interior and personal preferences of the user. They can be wall, cassette, console and channel type.

Room units for multi-split system Cooper Hunter

  1. Wall units are the most popular because of their cost and practicality, they can be installed almost anywhere, allocating some free space on the wall.
  2. Cassette blocks – most often they are used in the commercial sector, placing them in the space of suspended ceilings in the center of the hall. The air supply of such devices is carried out in 4 directions, while ensuring uniform cooling throughout the entire volume of the room.
  3. Duct blocks are designed for concealed installation, designed for objects whose interior delights do not allow visible elements of ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  4. Console blocks – a special design for attics, rooms with low ceilings and sloping walls, the console is placed on the wall 10 cm from the floor.

Outdoor unit for multi-split system Cooper Hunter

The compressor inverter during operation automatically smoothly changes its performance, adjusting to changes in the actual and target room temperatures. Thus, the inverter allows you to save not only the resource of equipment, but also the operating costs of electricity.

The newest R32 freon was used as a refrigerant. Freon has a cooling effect 1.5 times higher in comparison with the R410A brand, which was previously used. In addition, R32 freon has practically no negative impact on the planet’s ozone layer.

Cooper Hunter multi split systems are a suitable option for air conditioning in multi-room apartments, country houses, cottages and small offices. The system works stably and efficiently performs its functions in a wide range of outside air temperatures.

  • Permissible outdoor air temperature range for the “cooling” mode -15… +43°C
  • Permissible outdoor air temperature range for “heating” mode -20… +43°C

When installing an air conditioning system with one outdoor unit, pipelines are laid from each indoor unit (evaporator) to the outdoor unit (condenser). During laying, it is necessary to take into account the permissible length of communications.

  • Height difference between blocks;
  • Maximum length from outdoor unit to indoor unit;
  • Total length of pipelines.

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