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Ducted Units

Ducted units

Ducted units, the digital index indicates the performance in horsepower.  Designed for air cooling and heating in hotel, office and industrial premises. The cooling and heating capacity of  the unit depends on which outdoor unit it is combined with. The power consumption of the unit is low and is only 0.06 kW. The system uses R410A freon, which has good cooling performance and environmental friendliness.

Features and specifications :
  •  Thanks to the use of inverter technology, the efficiency of the indoor unit has significantly increased, thereby reducing energy costs;
  • The inverter compressor not only saves money, but also consumes refrigerant in a planned and accurate manner and ensures silent operation of the system;
  • The block can be both a part of VRF-systems and work together with semi-industrial external blocks;
  • Low unit height of 27.5 cm allows the unit to be installed in places with limited ceiling space without additional construction work;
  • You can independently change the position of the air intake, which expands the installation possibilities;
  • When operating the IR remote control, use the PC-ARW together with the PC-ALHZ ;
  • Remote wired control panel PC-ARFPE is included;
  • Built-in drain pump can lift condensate up to 85 cm.

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