Water modules

Water modules

Water modules

Water modules units produce heating and domestic hot water like any oil or gas boiler, but transforming renewable energy from the outside air into heat. Air to water heat pumps extract the free energy present in the air, which is enough to heat a home up to a comfortable temperature, even on the coldest winter day. Every kW of electricity used to power the heat pump can yield up to more than 5 kW of energy for heating; this provides savings of up to 80% on heating expenses compared to a traditional fossil fuel boiler.

The new HYDRO FREE series, based on state-of-the-art technology, does not only achieve an outstanding performance in space heating, but it is also provides domestic hot water with high efficiency. Additionally, cooling operation for summer can also be provided installing the dedicated “Cooling kit” accessory of HITACHI (Depending on the model).

The range of HYDRO FREE products is basically divided in two types of system:
  • Low temperature system
  • High temperature system
Low temperature range

It consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. The outdoor unit extracts the heat present in the air, increases its refrigerant temperature and transmits it to the water circuit using the plate heat exchanger of the indoor unit, where the heat is taken to radiators (fan-coils), underfloor heating components or both (2nd temperature area).

High temperature range

This water module unit is a standalone indoor unit that generates hot water up to 80ºC; the hottest water temperature in the domestic heating market using renewable energy. The extra innovation in the water module high temperature lies in that it has two compressors, working in a smart cascade system, with two refrigerant cycles (R-410A and R-134a). To maximize seasonal efficiency, the second refrigerant cycle is only operated as a booster, when very high water temperature is required – the rest of the time, only one cycle is used. The water module high temperature unit is ideal for existing properties, in particular older installations where high water supply temperatures may be required to keep the house warm – as well as for new buildings. It is designed for the replacement of boilers, offering heating and sanitary hot water all year round, without boiler back-up.

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