GREEN Solarni Klima Uređaji

GREEN Solar Air Conditioners

GREEN Solarni Klima Uređaji

Solar power air conditioners utilize the power stored in the sun by using photovoltaic cells (PV panels) to convert sunlight into AC electricity. These units run on small batteries that must be periodically charged with a small amount of electricity. It can take from eight to sixteen hours to charge the batteries to full capacity. Once fully charged, these batteries will power up the solar panel and the AC motor within the unit.

We continuously enhance the R&D of new technologies and wholeheartedly provide solar PV products with high quality, high reliability and high cost performance for our customers. Our newest range are absolutely state of the art and allow complete separation from grid or batteries and allow a controlled AC top up if requested.

We are an Energy Solution Provider, supplying:
  • Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner – Mini Split
  • DC48V Solar Air Conditioner – MIni Split Type (100% off Grid)
  • Hybrid Solar Podna Konzola
  • Hybrid Solar Vodena Toplinska Pumpa

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