Buffer tanks


KOSPEL buffer tanks are made of top-quality selected materials. Thanks to many years of experience in the manufacturing of buffer tanks, hot-water heat exchangers and hot water tanks, the devices are characterised by high quality, durability and innovative solutions.


Central heating buffer tanks – non-enamelled with capacities from 200L to 1,000L. Perfect for accumulating heat from several sources (e.g., from two boilers and a solar installation). Available in the following versions: SV – buffer tank, non-enamelled, SVW – buffer tank, non-enamelled with coil.

In a nutshell:

  • SV – buffer tank, non-enamelled
  • SVW – buffer tank, non-enamelled, with coil
  • capacities from 200L to 1,000L
  • non-enamelled tanks


The SVK buffer tank is perfect for cooperation with a heat pump and has energy class A. Thanks to the connectors facing up, the buffer can be easily installed under the heat pump’s indoor unit or an electric boiler. The SVK buffer can work in the heating or heating/cooling system, interacting with the heat pump

In a nutshell:

  • interacts with a PC in the heating or heating/cooling system
  • capacity: 100L
  • high-quality thermal insulation
  • attractive ABS housing

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