Shirokuma Floor Console

Shirokuma Floor Console

Shirokuma Floor Console

The Shirokuma Floor Console is a device that works in split and multi-split (i.e. where several indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit). It uses R-32 refrigerant, which is the most ecological agent currently used in air conditioning systems, which at the same time ensures high efficiency and environmental protection. The advantage of the presented unit is the possibility of mounting at the bottom and top of the wall . Thanks to the use of inverter technology, the device performs the heating and cooling function, adjusting the interior temperature to the users requirements. It works in a wide temperature range from -20°C to + 46°C.

The HITACHI Shirokuma Floor Console air conditioner is available in the following versions:

  • RAF-25RXE with 2.5 kW cooling capacity and 3.4 kW heating capacity,
  • RAF-35RXE with a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW and heating capacity of 4.5 kW,
  • RAF-50RXE with 5.0 kW cooling and 6.0 kW heating capacity.

Each unit is equipped with a wireless controller (remote control). Additionally, as an option, the manufacturer made it possible to install a wired controller with weekly programming and a simplified wired controller.

Characteristic features of the air conditioner Shirokuma Floor Console:

  • high SCOP and SEER seasonal performance factors;
  • high energy class A + / A ++ / A +++;
  • ensures high quality of the air emitted – the Nano Titanum filter
  • eliminates microorganisms, allergens (dust) and unpleasant odors;
  • weekly timer;
  • energy consumption meter, provides the ambient temperature and
  • information about the error code;
  • “Leave Home” function, which allows you to maintain the set
  • temperature for a specified number of days;
  • Power Full functions, EKO, Silent, Auto Restart.

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