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Heat pumps

Heat pumps – air to water

A good solution for heating, hot water and air conditioning systems at home can be a domestic heat pump, especially its high-efficiency version. The heat pump does not burn fuel, so it can be called environmentally friendly: it does not emit any toxic substances into the atmosphere. Heat pump spends energy on transferring heat from the air outside – inside, into the room.

Heat pumps are much more efficient than any other means of obtaining hot water for heating systems and for domestic use: for every kW of electricity consumed, they generate 4.45 kW of thermal energy. If you use a heat pump in an already operating heating system, you can partially, and often even completely, refuse to use gas.

It has other benefits as well:

  • reducing the cost of installation, maintenance and operation of gas utilities;
  • reduction of explosion and fire hazard as a result of the absence of explosive substances in the heating system;
  • versatility of use. The heat pump is used for heating, for providing the house with hot water, for fan coil units and underfloor heating.

Heat pumps are an increasingly popular solution used in Croatian homes, which allows you to reduce the costs of obtaining domestic hot water and heating or cooling in buildings. Moreover, it is a fully ecological solution that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, reducing the need to use fossil fuels in central heating systems.

MAKINJA Ltd. also wants to participate in pro-ecological activities aimed at improving the condition of the atmosphere. At the same time, we would like to provide you with proven solutions that will meet your expectations both in terms of ecology, energy efficiency and effectiveness. That is why we recommend air-to-water heat pump systems, which were created by producers who deliver high-class devices to the market, which are reliable and guarantee full comfort of use.

Here at KLIMEONLINE store, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide variety of different sizes and system power variances; therefore, you can be sure to find the best air-to-water heat pump to suit your own requirements.

Take advantage of utilising our handy filter, located at the top of the page to quickly see air-to-water heat pumps that are in your price range, and that adhere to your specifications.

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