Cooper & Hunter VRF Sustav

Cooper & Hunter VRF System

Cooper & Hunter VRF Sustav

Cooper & Hunter VRF systems are seen as the ideal alternative to central air conditioning. This system is now gaining popularity. It is especially good for installation in a private house. With it, you can centralize the control of air conditioning and heating in your home.

The Cooper Hunter multi-zone split system uses microcontrollers and measurement algorithms that maintain an optimal building climate with minimal energy consumption. It is a more advanced multi-split system, to which a large number of indoor units of different types can be connected. This system is suitable for use in residential or small commercial premises where the task is heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water.

Buy a multi-zone VRV and VRF system from Cooper Hunter

You can order on our website, and our managers will be happy to advise you on all your questions. If you do not know how to calculate the power specifically for your premises, you can order a master from Cooper & Hunter, who will come and measure your premises. We also install VRV and VRF systems and provide a guarantee.

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