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Ventilation is a subcategory of climate technology , one of the most necessary engineering systems for the functioning of residential, industrial and administrative buildings. It provides an influx of fresh air for people to breathe, removes harmful impurities from the air, and maintains optimal sanitary and hygienic parameters inside the premises. Our company develops and implements various types of air exchange systems for objects of any purpose.

Ventilation systems: types and features

The main task of ventilation of premises is to ensure the normative air exchange inside the premises. During the operation of the system, the internal air is replaced by external air with a certain intensity. To ensure the work, a large number of elements and equipment are used:

  • fans of various types;
  • automation;
  • duct heaters;
  • filters;
  • dampers and valves;
  • air ducts.

The calculation of air exchange is carried out according to the multiplicity or according to the standard amount of air volume that is supplied and removed from the room. In the supply systems, heaters and coolers are used, which allow air of a strictly regulated temperature to be supplied into the room. The use of filters of different classes allows you to protect the interior from dust, pollen, debris and other contaminants from the street.

We will develop and launch a ventilation system for any object

Our company has been professionally engaged in the development of air conditioning and air exchange systems for many years. We offer installation of ventilation in Croatia, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the requirements of regulatory documents. Our engineers will develop, and the installers will create a competent engineering solution at the facility that will function for many years.

Contact us if you need:

  • ventilation in a private house;
  • ventilation in apartments;
  • cellar ventilation;
  • ventilation in the bathroom;
  • ventilation in the garage;
  • air exchange systems in offices;
  • organization of ventilation of industrial buildings.

We will also competently solve all non-standard tasks when they arise.

How to buy a ventilation system for any purpose

Air exchange networks are complex engineering solutions that require the involvement of experienced specialists of various profiles for their creation and calculation. To do this, we have gathered in our staff experienced designers and installers who will perform all the work for you efficiently and on time with maximum efficiency.



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