Multi klima uređaji

Multi split air conditioners

Multi klima uređaji

The perfect feel-good climate:
Everybody knows it! It’s summer and the temperature outside is warm. You sit in the office all day and sweat. When you come home now you can look forward to a delicious chilled drink. But even that is not really refreshing in a heated living room or bedroom. You feel weak and exhausted. This is because people only feel comfortable at certain temperatures and humidity levels. This is referred to as the so-called comfort zone. The comfort zone is around 21 °C and 50% relative humidity. This is where people feel most comfortable, are concentrated and powerful. A multi-split air conditioner ensures exactly this comfort field and creates your feel-good climate. Via touch of a button multi-split air conditioner cools the temperature in up to six different rooms to a comfortable temperature and even filters the room air. This keeps you focused and productive at work. Or create your feel-good climate in your own four walls.

Find the right air conditioner:
Large selection and even more variety often make it difficult to find the right air conditioner and to keep track. With us you will only find selected brands with the best quality and reliability. Our multi-split air conditioners from Hitachi, and Cooper&Hunter all work with inverter technology and are extremely efficient and reliable. When choosing the right multi-split air conditioner, you first have to determine how many individual rooms you want to air-condition. For example, if you want to air condition several different rooms, the bedroom and the living room, you need a so-called multi-split air conditioner. This air conditioner consists of two to six indoor units that are connected to just one outdoor unit. So if you want to air condition several rooms that are spatially separated from each other, then you are on the right page. However, if you only want to cool a single room (an indoor unit and an outdoor unit) then please switch to split air conditioners .

The number of indoor units and the right design:
Basically, in every room that you want to air-condition you have to install an air-conditioning unit. Of course, the air in the room circulates and spreads out. However, optimal and even air distribution is often prevented by partitioned off rooms or closed doors. This means that if you want to cool the living room on the ground floor and the bedroom on the upper floor to a pleasant 21°C in hot summer, you have to install an air conditioner in each of these two rooms. The nice thing about multisplit air conditioning systems is that you can freely combine different designs and services from one manufacturer and connect them to a common outdoor unit. So you have an indoor unit in the living room and in the bedroom and only one outdoor unit on the garage roof or the outside wall. Now you have to decide on a type of air conditioning system. There are different types of multisplit air conditioners.

Each has its own pros and cons. The selection must be made according to the structural conditions and the use of the room. Wall units are the most common design. Wall-mounted air conditioners are the cheapest form and easy to install. The multisplit air conditioners as wall units are mounted 5-10 cm below the ceiling on a free wall. They suck in the warm room air at the top and blow the cool air out at the bottom, thus ensuring optimal air circulation in the room. These are therefore almost perfect for every room and can be used for both private and commercial rooms. If you don’t have a free wall or a lot of sloping ceilings, a chest unit is suitable.

A multi-split air conditioner as a floor is installed near the floor, similar to a radiator. Floor devices are usually a bit more expensive than wall-mounted devices, but they have the advantage that they are visually less noticeable in the room. Ceiling or duct units are often suitable for commercial applications or for rooms with a high cooling load. However, these are more complex to install, but often achieve a more even air distribution in the room, especially in large rooms such as sales or exhibition areas.

Determine the correct cooling capacity:
The third step is to calculate the required cooling load. In order to simplify the selection and calculation for you, we have given the performance data in kW at the same time as the appropriate room size in m². If you are still unsure or if you have a technical room with high internal loads, such as a server, then please seek free advice from our planners on 0800 600 100 or send us an email to In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have already put together suitable multi-split air conditioning for you as a set.

The right combination for everyone:
Once you have decided how many rooms you want to cool, you will find a selection of assembled sets in the respective subcategory 2 indoor units, 3 indoor units or 4 indoor units. These multi-split air conditioning sets from the manufacturers Hitachi and Cooper&Hunter always consist of wall units and the appropriate outdoor unit. But if you prefer to have a wall unit in the living room and a floor unit in the bedroom, you will also find individual multi-split air conditioning units in the categories multi-split wall unit, multi-split floor unit and multi-split ceiling cassette. The selection of multisplit outdoor units can be found in a separate category. Once you have decided on a design, i.e. wall, floor, ceiling or duct unit, and you have determined the right cooling capacity, you are now spoiled for choice. Now you need to decide on an air conditioner. To help you decide which air conditioner to choose, you can filter the selection of split air conditioners. You have already selected the cooling capacity in kW based on your room size. Now you can also filter by Hitachi, or Cooper&Hunter.

In addition to the filter function for the energy efficiency class, the price always plays a special role. The aim is to find an air conditioning system for your room and your budget that works efficiently, is quiet in operation and of course also visually meets your expectations. Even if our range differs in price, we can assure you that all air conditioners that you will find with us are of high quality and that all have a good to very good energy efficiency class thanks to the energy-saving inverter technology. But we would also be happy to advise you personally on 0800 600 100 or by email

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