UTOPIA IVX Premium Visokotlačne Kanalske Jedinice

UTOPIA IVX Premium High Pressure Ducts

UTOPIA IVX Premium Visokotlačne Kanalske Jedinice

Whatever your business, comfort is one of the keys to success. Our product range of commercial air conditioners helps to create a welcoming environment in which occupants are comfortable and at ease without increasing running costs. Each business requires a system tailored to its needs. That’s why our commercial HVAC solutions are flexible, from the selection of indoor type and outdoor unit capacity right through to installation possibilities to suit your building and business best. The easy-to-use controllers of our commercial air conditioning systems let you operate and manage your climate, as well as monitor energy usage.

The lack of space that many businesses encounter today means that climate control options are often limited. We’ve solved that issue with a range of compact outdoor units that are reliable and offer design flexibility that means they are easily integrated into all types of spaces and architecture. Smart and compact, our outdoor units use cutting-edge technology combined with performance features like Gentlecool to provide high-performance climate control that is efficient and that can self-diagnose, resulting in more effective maintenance.

From retail, restaurants, hotels, commercial offices and more, our commercial air conditioning range is built to deliver adaptable solutions that offer the highest standard of Hitachi Cooling & Heating performance.

Available from 10 kW to 16 kW, IVX Prime is the ideal solution for small to medium buildings. It provides optimal comfort all year round thanks to its high performance and maintaining its operation at extreme temperatures: down to -20°C in heating and from -5°C to 46°C in cooling mode.

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