CH-HP015LERK (25m3)

1.00 PDV je uključen u cijenu

  • Powered by 220-230 V
  • Designed to heat pools with an area of ​​25 m3
  • Operates at -7°С… + 43°С
  • Heat output 5 kW (BTU 17060), consumes 0.66 kW of electricity
  • COP ratio 5.15
  • R32 freon system
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kartice jednokratno: $400,00 kn

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kartice 13-24 eata: 6000 kn/ već od 255,00 kn/mj





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Besplatna dostava:

Za sve narudžbe iznad 1999kn


Ovlaštena montaža:

Na području cijele Hrvatske


Povratak robe:

Moguć povrat unutar 14 dana

Dostupnost: dostupno

Kupi s proizvodom:

Instalacije Klime do 3,5KW

Instalacija Klime iznad 3,5KW

Eco Sence


Cooper&Hunter CH-HP015LERK ECO ON/OFF pool heat pump 5 Kw

The ECO on/off pool heat pump is one of the most cost-effective ways to efficiently heat a private pool or hot tub. Using free renewable thermal energy from the air, it is 4-5 times more efficient than traditional heating. The Cooper&Hunter pool heat pump will extend the swimming season and give you the highest level of comfort. You can enjoy swimming not only in summer, but also in early spring, late autumn and even winter! The Cooper&Hunter ECO LERK pool heat pump uses ozone-saving R32 refrigerant to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The advanced titanium heat exchanger guarantees a long service life of the heat pump without corrosion. It can be used with all types of water treatment including chlorine, iodine, bromine and salt water. The heat pump of the ECO LERK series is made of durable, reliable and high quality materials. The plastic housing of the pump is resistant to infrared radiation, corrosion and mechanical damage. The heat pump has several built-in safety features which include low water flow protection, high or low pressure protection, overload protection, compressor protection. In the event of a malfunction, the heat pump will perform a self-diagnosis by displaying an error code on the control panel.

Model CH-HP015LERK 5 kW heats the pool with a volume of 25 m3
The heat pump Cooper & Hunter Eco CH-HP015LERK monoblock, is fed from 220-230 V
It is calculated for heating of pools of 25 m3
Operates at -7 ° С… + 43 ° С
Heat output 5 kW (BTU 17060), consumes 0.66 kW of electricity
The COP ratio is 5.15
R32 freon system
Dimensions – 805x300x545 mm

Description of the heat pump Cooper&Hunter Eco CH-HP015LERK:
The monoblock of the C&H brand is one of the effective ways to heat the pool up to 25 m3
Thanks to the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, the mechanism reduces carbon emissions into the environment
Thermal energy from the air through the freon enters directly into the water
The car uses 3-5 times more energy than a classic heater
The heat exchanger is made of titanium. This increases the service life of the heat pump, minimizes corrosion processes
The item can be washed with detergents containing chlorine, boron, salt water or iodine
The case material is metal, it withstands exposure to the sun and cold
The pump is equipped with fuses against overload, high or insufficient pressure, etc.

Technical features of the Cooper & Hunter Eco CH-HP015LERK heat pump:
Requires connection to a single-phase network
Type of heat pump – “air-water”, non-inverter
Heat output is 5 kW or BTU 17060
Consumes 0.66 kW of electricity. Coefficient of energy efficiency COP – 5.15. Data are given at air temperature +27 ° С, water temperature +26 ° С, humidity 80%
At air temperature +24 ° С, water +26 ° С, 70% of humidity produces 2.9 kW, consumes 0.6 kW





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