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Produljeno jamstvu u ukupnom trajanje od 7 godina. Uz obavezan godišnji servis.


kartice jednokratno: $400,00 kn

kartice 2-12 eata: 5700 kn/ već od 475,00 kn/mj

kartice 13-24 eata: 6000 kn/ već od 255,00 kn/mj



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Besplatna dostava:

Za sve narudžbe iznad 1999kn


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Na području cijele Hrvatske


Povratak robe:

Moguć povrat unutar 14 dana



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MAKINJA Co. Ltd® is proud of the quality that goes into each one of our products we offering on our web shop which is why we back 
them with up to a 7-year limited parts warranty. We want you to enjoy the benefits of owning a worry-free piece of equipment. 
As good as your new HVAC equipment is, however, problems can sometimes occur. With our Protection Plus® extended Service 
agreement program, you can protect yourself from unexpected, unbudgeted repairs after the limited warranty expires. 
Protection Plus allows you to extend the limited warranty on your HVAC equipment up to 7 years, depending on which plan you choose. 

With Protection Plus you can relax and enjoy the comfort provided by your Ruud comfort solutions, instead of worrying about the 
cost of unexpected repairs. Optional equipment such as humidifiers, thermostats, condensate pumpm and electronic air 
cleaners can also be covered. If purchased in conjunction with your contractor’s maintenance program, Protection Plus 
givea you peace of mind that your heating and air conditioning equipment will be professionally maintained and repaired.

We carry out regular maintenance of air conditioners for health, hygienic and technical reasons in order to prevent 
the appearance and multiplication of bacteria and other microorganisms and to enable the smooth operation of air 
conditioners, and to extend the warranty period by 12 months.
Checking the operation, cleaning and disinfection of air conditioners includes:

- arrival, inspection of air conditioning (indoor and outdoor units)
- digital reading of the air temperature on the indoor unit
- cleaning and disinfection of dust filters of the indoor unit
- cleaning and disinfection of evaporators; drainage control
- control and cleaning of the fan of the indoor unit of the air conditioner
- control of refrigerant and outdoor air conditioning unit
We provide you with up to 7 years of warranty, with a mandatory annual warranty service (every 12 months, ie once a year). 
The condition is that the installation of air conditioning and regular annual warranty service was performed by 
employees of authorized services from the list of online stores KLIMEONLINE.


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