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  • Nominal Cooling Capacity: 5.6 kW
  • Nominal Heating Capacity: 6.3 kW
  • 4-speed fan speed adjustment
  • Designed for up to 71 m2
  • Power consumption: 0.057 kW
  • R410A freon
  • Low noise level of 28 dB(A)
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Besplatna dostava:

Za sve narudžbe iznad 1999kn


Ovlaštena montaža:

Na području cijele Hrvatske


Povratak robe:

Moguć povrat unutar 14 dana

Dostupnost: dostupno

Kupi s proizvodom:

Instalacije Klime do 3,5KW

Instalacija Klime iznad 3,5KW

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Hitachi Utopia IVX Premium Cassette RCI-2.5FSN4

The Hitachi Utopia Premium RCI-2.5FSN4 cassette air conditioner is a new and improved design with increased efficiency factors. Low energy consumption is possible thanks to DC fans and an optional motion sensor. The air conditioner has a 4-speed fan speed adjustment. The device has a built-in condensate pump with a lifting height of 850mm. In addition, it is also possible to program the air flow for individual fan speeds. The Hitachi Utopia Premium RCI-2.5FSN4 cassette air conditioner is operated with an infrared remote control or an optional wired controller with a weekly programmer. Possibility to connect the H-Link communication system.

For universal indoor units, the digital index indicates the performance in horsepower. Hitachi RCI-2.5FSN4 is a versatile high efficiency cassette indoor unit with built-in drain pump and four different airflow directions. Designed for air cooling and heating in hotel, office and banquet premises up to 71 sq.m. The cooling and heating capacity of the unit depends on the capacity of the outdoor unit with which it is combined. The power consumption of the unit is low and is only 0.057 kW. The system uses R410A freon, which has good cooling performance and environmental friendliness.

Features and specifications of the Hitachi RCI-2.5FSN4:
• protection against the formation of mold and fungus is an antibacterial substance, which is placed in a separate container in the drain pan
• thanks to the use of inverter technology, the efficiency of the indoor unit has significantly increased, thereby reducing energy costs
• the inverter compressor not only saves money, but also consumes refrigerant in a planned and accurate manner and ensures silent operation of the system
• the block can be both a part of VRF-systems and work together with semi-industrial external blocks
• advantage of the cassette block is the low noise level of 28 dB(A)
• new design of air guides creates a soft and uniform airflow, preventing the formation of drafts
• decorative panel P-N23NA2 (included in the price of the unit) perfectly masks the unit on ceilings of any type
• increasing the fan speed allows the unit to be used in rooms with ceilings up to 4 m
• the internal block is equipped with the movement sensor PS-MSK2 for more comfortable service of the room and reduction of energy consumption
• individual drive of the guide dampers allows to separately control the position of the blinds from the control panel
• four fan speeds are available in this series
• if it is not convenient to use the IR receiver PC-ALH3 (option) and you need to place the IR receiver on the wall, use the additional IR receiver PC-ALHZF (option)
• remote wired control panel PC-ARFPE is included
• The built-in drain pump can lift the condensate up to 85 cm from the bottom edge of the indoor unit





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