RESIDENTAL Single Phase SUN-2000-3KTL-L1

1.00 PDV je uključen u cijenu

  • Rating: 3000 W
  • Phases: 1
  • No LCD
  • Up to 30% more energy with optimizers
  • Compatible to SUN2000-450W-P optimizer
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kartice jednokratno: $400,00 kn

kartice 2-12 eata: 5700 kn/ već od 475,00 kn/mj

kartice 13-24 eata: 6000 kn/ već od 255,00 kn/mj





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Besplatna dostava:

Za sve narudžbe iznad 1999kn


Ovlaštena montaža:

Na području cijele Hrvatske


Povratak robe:

Moguć povrat unutar 14 dana

Dostupnost: dostupno

Kupi s proizvodom:

Instalacije Klime do 3,5KW

Instalacija Klime iznad 3,5KW

Eco Sence


Solar inverter Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1 Single-phase 3kW

The Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1 inverter makes electricity from your own PV system usable. The component converts direct current into alternating current and thanks to the high efficiency, users benefit from increased efficiency. The dimensions of the Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1 inverter are 365 x 365 x 156 mm, which means that the component is extremely compact. With a weight of 12 kg, it can also be installed by a single person. The Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1 inverter has a battery connection and supports RS485 communication for connection to a smart power meter or similar. The connection of a battery can be made either directly during the initial installation or subsequently, thanks to connection via Plug&Play, the effort is extremely low. In any case, integration into the system via the plug connections is extremely simple. With the help of the app, commissioning is no problem within a few minutes.The advantages of the Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1 inverter are manifold and do not only extend to the battery connection, an overvoltage protection (type 2 for AC and DC) is also already integrated. In addition, the component has two independent MPP trackers, the operating noise is pleasantly quiet thanks to convective air cooling. The nominal power of the Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1 inverter is specified at 3,000 watts, the voltage range extends from 90 to 560 volts. In operation, the inverter reaches a maximum efficiency of 98.3%, making it suitable for efficient system operation. The European efficiency is 97.3 %.

Huawei inverters Smart Energy Controller (Single Phase):
AI powered arcing protection Compatible to SUN2000-450W-P optimizer
Battery ready by direct Plug & Play, no extra device or any retrofit required
A 5KTL inverter allows 5KW full power AC output plus 5KW full power battery charge
High efficiency inverter topology, Max. Efficiency 98.4%
Optimal Electricity
Cost Active
Safety Better Experience
Up to 30% More Energy with Optimizers
Flexible investment & more usable energy via smart string ESS with energy optimizer
2x POWER Battery Ready for More Energy
AI-powered active arcing protection
Pinpoint arc fault positioning for easier troubleshooting
No worry about power outage with backup power
One-Fits-All solution,easier business
Module auto-mapping within 5s
Auto datection of all system components

Dodatne informacije
Weight: 12.3 kg
Dimensions: 36.0 × 36.05× 14.0 cm
Product Category: on-grid inverters, Solar Inverters, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)
Brand: Huawei
Rating: 3 kW

Tehnički podaci:
Model SUN-2000-3KTL-L1
MPPT Operating Voltage Range (DC) 90 V – 560 V
Max. input voltage (DC) 600 V
Start-up voltage (DC) 100 V
Max. input current per MPPT (DC) 12.5 A
Number of MPP trackers (DC) 2
Rated output power (AC) 3000 W
Nominal Output Voltage | Rated Grid Frequenc (AC) 220 Vac/230 Vac/240 Vac | 50 Hz/60 Hz
Max. output current (AC) 15 A
Max. Efficiency 98.20 %
Comunication RS485, WLAN via inverter built-in WLAN module Ethernet via Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE (Optional); 4G / 3G / 2G via Smart Dongle-4G (Optional)
Dimensions 360x365x140 mm |12.3 kg

Data sheet & Downloads
Data Sheet Huawei SUN-2000-3KTL-L1





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